Skills for a Web Designer

Before breaking the skills needed for a web designer, we will focus first on what a web designer does. A web designer is a person who designs web sites from beginning to end, working with people from various sectors and industries. Web designers come from all different backgrounds; some have extensive knowledge and experience, while others get by on the fundamentals. In the end, the qualities that define a web designer but are their enthusiasm, inventiveness and dedication. These merits can be gained on your own or obtained through web design courses.


Below is a list of essential skills that a web designer must have in their utility belt.

Personal Skills

Logical thinker

Aside from technical ability, a good web designer will need to be practical with the right amount of concentration to work on assignments for several hours (a web designer should never take on a project and then fail to deliver a finished product to a customer). For instance, when creating an e-commerce, it would be useful to include bread-crumb trials. This would help the user find their way around the different web pages they have already viewed.


Attention to detail.

Web design involves frequent inspection. This is mainly true in the programming phase where a web designer will need to constantly check over the same web page again and again. For instance, when designing a website, it would be ideal to have the same colour scheme running on all the different web pages.


A good designer must be very creative and be able to find content that is different from the rest of the crowd. Likewise, a good designer will need to execute their ideas in sharp designs, images and words. Remember talent is only 10%; the other 90% is hard work and dedication.  For instance, go to your favourite websites and think about why you like them. For often than not, it will be the site’s originality and freshness that will have drawn you in.