Blending High Definition and Standard TV Programming with DirecTV

Many people approach a TV service provider with the simple assumption that they are going to get a programming package and be done with it. The idea of blending in other programming or channel choicesg just doesn’t really enter their mind or they have the false impression that it will all be too expensive.



Because DirecTV has so many choices in the programming that they offer, they have made everything so easy to mix and blend. While other programming service providers offer just one high definition programming package that contains all of their high definition TV programming, DirecTV offers several mini packages of high definition programming and even has many high definition channels that you can add on individually.


They have twenty high definition channels in total, so that gives you a lot to select from. If you are only interested in high definition movie programming for instance DirecTV has Universal HD that features classic movies in high definition and for more recent movies they have the HDNet Movies high definition package.



For science and nature programming they have Discovery HD Theater. DirecTV also carries major network programming channels in high definition that can be added to your package as well and they include NBC, FOX, ABC and CBS. If you are only interested in high definition sports programming you can add on ESPN HD and or ESPN2 HD.


DirecTV even has foreign language programming that can be added onto your programming package if you are interested in studying a second language such as Spanish. If you are interested in specialized ultra-premium sports programming, you can also add on one of the exclusive sports

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